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Since the DeJesus Brothers' conviction, their family has been fighting, along with them, to prove their innocence.  The pursuit for justice has been tiring, endless and has caused an emotional strain and financial hardship.

Although the DeJesus family's pursuit has been marked by disappointments from the justice system, their faith is strong and their hope of proving the DeJesus brothers'  innocence and securing their freedom have not waivered.


In the quest to prove their own innocence, George has researched new technological testing that will aid them, but unfortunately, their financial means are limited.  As a testament to George's determination to prove their innocence, and although minimal, George's earnings from his braille job are sent home to put in an account for the Touch DNA testing.  There are many Innocence Projects, where if selected, they must pay attorney fees, but they must have the (Touch DNA) testing completed.   


We are asking that you read the details of this casecourt documents and the information on Touch DNA - Forensic DNA.  There are innocent men and women that have been convicted because jurors never heard all the testimony, lack of physical evidence or simply the need to convict someone for a terrible crime that rocked the community.  George and Melvin need your help.  They need to be vindicated and freed, which ultimately ensures that the real rapist and murderer will not gain his freedom.    


Help bring the DeJesus Brothers home to their family.  Please donate by check, money order, or credit card.   Thank you in advance for your support!



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